Sumps Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Ruby and Crystal Sumps?
The Ruby sumps have the following added features:
1. Three position probe holder
2. Red acrylic on top brace and some baffles
3. Dimensions are same or slightly larger than equivalent Crystal sump

What is the water level for the sumps?
The water level in the SUMP model is 10"
The water level in the ELITE model is 7.5"

What size are the input fittings to the sumps?
All input fittings are standard 1" pipe socket/glue fittings

What size filter socks are used?
All sumps come with two 4" diameter 100 micron filter socks except the CRYS30S which comes with one 4" diameter filter sock

What are the dimensions of each section of the sumps?
Please see here for the dimensions of each section.

What sumps do the skimmers fit into?
The Bursa skimmer fits into all Ruby and Crystal models.
The Titan skimmer does not fit into any 30" models but does fit into all 36" models except CRYS36S.

The Titan skimmer will need to be assembled inside the sump on the RUBY36S which can be difficult.